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A Few Sites Tweaks & Addition

Following feedback via the site survey that's been running a little while i've been given some good info by people on how they would like to see the site tweaked in certain areas which has led to a couple of small changes.

Search Results
One of the things mentioned was to have a small image of the performer alongside the name when you do a search. This was something i've been meaning to impliment for a while and following several requests for it via the survey I have now made it show images for stars that have one to make it easier to identify the person you are looking for.

Gallery/Scene thumbnails
Another thing that was said in some of the feedback was that people would like to see a screenshot/thumb of the scenes and gallery links. I have therefore changed the way galleries linked to scenes are displayed. In a scene breakdown list if there is a gallery you will now see a small thumbnail preview to the right which can be clicked to see the gallery.

Click for fullsize preview >>

There is the gallery preview thumbnails that are similar to the above scene linked images. On the video and pictures page of a star's profile there will be some links where you will see a small image preview of the gallery/scene when you run your mouse over the link. This means you can see what sort of thing to expect in the gallery.

Click for fullsize preview >>

Finally there is also a new page to show the most popular and the newest galleries/scenes with preview images. This will show the 45 most popular ones with visitors and below that the 45 most recent additions to the site. All of which can be clicked to go directly to the gallery.

Click for fullsize preview >>

Depending on what further feedback I get through the survey there may be some more slight tweaks or additions. As ever if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to write them below or via the contact form.

Posted: 18th Oct 2010, 10:15am, Viewed 4809 Times


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