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New Design Changes & Feature Additions

Today I made a few changes to the look of the star and website pages to try to improve the look and also added a few extra features/improvements as well...

The design change means that it's a lot cleaner. The tabs at the top of the page make it easy to get to all of the data and features and although it's a minor change I think it makes the pages look a little smarter and slightly less cluttered.

In the star pages you will find all of the usual features except I've improved the scene content search and scene pairings so they are no longer the fiddly ajax-based ones they had been. You may also notice a new tab 'Biography', I've decided to add this little section as the bio data for the stars was more about facts (i.e. DoB, measurements, tattoos/piercings). This new area allows for a proper descriptional biography on stars, it's going to take a while to get data in since there are over 4,000 stars in the database but I've also put an option in allowing visitors to create and edit biography data which, if used by visitors, will speed up the process.

The changes made to the site today also mean a couple of new minor features on the site pages. First up I've cleaned the design so when you go to the main site page you'll get the main information on the site (including a lot more detail that's newly added such as video formats, bonus sites etc but like the bio data this will take a little while for me to fill in all the data for each of the 100s of sites).

You will now find a tab featuring links to videos and pictures from the chosen site, for some there will be only a few, for some there will be quite a lot but as I work on the site by myself again this may take a little while to fill out in the pages where there aren't so many.

Finally on the site pages you will find a new tab allowing to you search for specific content in scenes on that site. This is a feature that a couple of people have previously requested and that I've been meaning to add for sometime before that. It's virtually identical to the one found on the star pages but for the sites so you can search for scenes containing things such as anal, interracial, gangbang, double penetration, creampie etc and (if there are matching scenes) you will be provided with a list of stars that perform that action in a scene on the site. Stars may be listed multiple times if they have multiple scenes with that content for instance if you search for scenes on 'Teens Like It Big' containing anal sex you'll see Amber Rayne listed 3 times and Missy Stone listed 4 times. This is not an error, it means Amber Rayne has 3 different scenes with anal sex on TLIB and Missy Stone has 4 different scenes.

Please post any feedback, comments or questions you have in the box below, it'd be good to hear what you think of the changes/additions.

Posted: 13th May 2010, 16:25pm, Viewed 4474 Times


Posted: 27th Apr 2011, 21:08pm says...
That\'s a mold-bearekr. Great thinking!
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