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Pink Visual Files $6.75M Suit Against Brazzers

NEW YORK - Pink Visual's holding company has filed suit against the owners of Brazzers, alleging that four company-owned tube sites poached content from 45 copyrighted movies and have streamed them "tens of millions of times."

The websites at issue in Pink Visual's $6.75 million complaint include,, and, all owned by Canadian companies Mansef Inc. and Interhub, whose officers operate both companies.

Pink Visual's complaint alleges that the defendants are not only aware of infringing content being uploaded to their sites, but that they "actively engage in, promote and induce this infringement."

The suit, filed at U.S. District Court in New York, exposes just how dominant the tube sites have become, particularly for Mansef and Interhub.

"Using the leverage of the Internet, defendants and others like them appropriate the value of…. adult video content on a massive scale for their own benefit by operating websites known as tube sites that allow users to view and download a vast library of infringing adult video content for free," Pink Visual's complaint said.

"[T]he emergence of these tube sites operated by defendants and others threatens not just [Pink Visual], but the entire adult entertainment industry."

Among Pink Visual's findings included in the suit:

Representing Pink Visual's holding company (Ventura Content) in the case is the law firm Jenner and Block LLP, the same firm that represented copyright owners in their successful actions against Grokster, TorrentSpy and, among others.

"We are extremely confident in the legal theory and supporting arguments that have been constructed by our legal team, and we believe our case is very strong," Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas said in a statement.

Quentin B, Pink Visual's spokesman said that the four sites evidently include content from an array of other companies.

"Without knowing who might have licensed their content to these sites, it is hard to speculate about how much of the content is infringing, but at a glance and based on the public statements of many other producers, it does appear that these tubes are filled with infringing content," he told XBIZ. "The nature of the Internet being what it is, it's really incumbent upon producers and rights holders to proactively protect their intellectual property."

Pink Visual's complaint alleges that the defendants not only are aware of infringing content being uploaded to their sites, but that they "actively engage in, promote and induce this infringement."

Pink Visual is seeking statutory and actual damages, punitive damages, attorneys fees and injunctive relief.


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Posted: 16th Feb 2010, 15:59pm, Viewed 4416 Times


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