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Shutting down areas of AWMDB, possibly for good

Due to the lack of interest and contribution across the entire site I have decided that, for the time being these areas will either be closed or not updated until such time that there is demand for them. If that time never comes they will never re-open. This includes...

The Forum
My previous custom-programmed forum software that I worked hard on had very little contribution in a number of years. I changed it to a popular well-known forum software used across the internet hoping the familiarity would tempt people to join in. Initially it started off well but it wasn't long before it once again became unused. This area is currently closed and will likely not re-open as nobody used it.

Update: In a change of direction I've re-opened the forum with a requirement that you must register before viewing any thread content. I don't know if this will make any difference but it's worth a try to see if it helps. If it does, excellent. If it doesn't the forum will be closed again but for good.

This blog
Whilst not the most regularly updated blog in the world I've tried my best to fill it will posts that update visitors on new things on AWMDB and the odd bit of major porn news and articles to give you some interesting reads. Unfortunately it's not an area of the site that visitors have shown much interest in and therefore this will be my last post on this area for the foreseeable future.

User comments on site listings
I have had a feature available on awmdb that has allowed visitors to post their comments on websites listed on AWMDB. 5 comments have been posted in 3 years. This feature has been removed.

Vids and Pics
You may have noticed the Vids and Pics page which featured links to galleries from a wide range of genres has been removed and a place holder put in place. This took up a lot of time and offered no benefit and didn't really add anything to AWMDB. It will not return but porn star and website specific gallery/sample links will remain and be updated and added to.

Babe of the Day
This is a new feature that I added recently to try to bring something useful to the AWMDB Twitter feed and something that would make it worth checking. This feature takes up time creating new galleries but will remain active for the mean time, this may be pulled in the future if interest drops.

Twitter account
This may be phased out due to the fact there are very few people taking an interest in it. The benefits that Twitter offers is bringing new content and awareness to new users, at times this has proved useful but again there is a time issue, time spent posting on twitter is time taken away from me updating AWMDB. Since I launched the twitter feed in late June 2009 it has proved useful but for the time-being it will not be updated as regularly.

The Survey
The survey was an attempt to get some feedback on the site, I launched it in October and in the 4 months following it got just 39 responses. That's 0.02% of the unique visits to the site in that time. My huge thanks to those 39 people that answered the survey they have proved very useful. Due to the lack of responses all links to the survey will be removed shortly. Again my thanks to those that responded - you didn't waste you time it has been valuable feedback.

The main site
This will continue to be updated as normal since it is the only area that appears to be of interest to the visitors. The sole focus will be on adding and updating new performers, websites and scenes and I will aim to get huge amounts more data into the site as the days pass starting with completing the new 'Viva La Bus' site listing, then updating the Burning Angel listing and continuing to update the major networks (i.e. Naughty America). Porn star specific gallery links will be added where possible but will not be a priority currently due to the fact the visitors don't take much interest in them.

There are other small features I've been developing that will be temporarily removed - you probably won't even notice since they were only tested on a select few performer pages.

The mobile site
While basic and only really offering the web credit lists for pornstars, this area works and is fully updated to what you will find on the main site. This area will remain open as, although sparsely used there are people out there that use the mobile site and will find it easier to use on their portable devices than the main site.

At this time there absolutely zero intentions to close down AWMDB as a whole but I've decided that I'm creating far too much work for myself when the visitors to the site don't have any interest in those areas.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the email form on the main site or via the comment section below - you do not need to register to use these although anti-spam measure mean the comments will not appear instantly.

Thanks for reading and sorry it sounds like a huge moan, hopefully this will be a positive step that sees AWMDB's main attraction - pornstar webographies - being far more complete.

Posted: 15th Jan 2010, 16:27pm, Viewed 4779 Times


Posted: 17th Jan 2010, 07:08amGuest says...
I can see closing the Blog, but I think it's a Mistake to close the Forum no matter how often it is used or NOT used. You just got done re-doing the didn't bother to transfer all the Posts that were on the old Forum, which did NOT set well with me, if you want my Honest Opinion On the Forum Change. I had Posts on the OLD Forum, that I could have continued adding to, if you had taken the time to transfer those over to The NEW FORUM you just put up.

You're taking things down, I think is going to have the opposite effect and drive away even your LOYAL MEMBERS (like me for example). I know I'd like to continue my Old Posts from the Old Forum as it will Help You Out, since I'm Posting about Models and am including what Other Sites I am Finding them on.

Where you are creating a bunch of more work for yourself is your Breakdown of Scenes for each WebSite a Model appears on. Currently, there is 713 Nubiles Models with 3 NEW Models being added every week. I do the Feature on called Nubiles Models on Other Sites and I am finding it a FULL-TIME JOB just keeping up with them. You, on the other hand, Matt, are doing every NEW Model, that comes into the Porn Industry, plus all the Models that have been in the Porn Industry for several Months and Years already, until they Retire from Modeling. That is thousands of Models and thousands of WebSites to be checking all the time.

I much rather Post to a Forum, Info I find about a Model, whether she appears on or NOT than send you an E-Mail for every Model.

Posted: 17th Jan 2010, 08:38amAdmin says...
I appreciate your comments Dean but I have access to the background site information that you can't see.

Virtually nobody visited the forum, those that did never registered or contributed, those that did contribute quickly stopped because nobody was around. Virtually nobody reads the blog, there were just 5 comments in a few years for site listings on the main site. The average time on the site per visitor is just 3 minutes - the average visitor isn't interested in hanging around like they would Freeones, EBI or a similar site.

Nobody is contributing to the site therefore it's a waste of time having those features on the site. Those features (forum/comments etc) have been on the site 3 years, and it was like a graveyard and not used.

I tried my best to build a community driven site here but nobody was interested in it. The majority of registrations to the site in the past 3 years have been automated spam bots.

Why should I bother keeping these open if they are not going to be used by the majority of visitors to the site? It just wastes server space, bandwidth and costs for something which sits unused. Therefore the best measure is to make it an information-only source since (unlike yourself) very few visitors have any interest in contributing.

I transfered more than 30 posts from the old forum to the new including the majority of your nubiles posts, that was virtually every post within the past year. I still have all of the older ones archived.

I appreciate your contribution Dean but I've got a bigger picture as to how the site is used by visitors via the background stats. These features may be re-opened if there is any demand but considering they have been pretty much unused for 3 years that seems unlikely at this moment in time.

I've spent over 3 years of my own time, money and effort into trying to make this a very successful site and when virtually nobody uses the features in that time and you don't see the site growing in the slightest there has to be a time when you say enough is enough.

I'm sorry you are not happy with the decision but it's the action I've decided to take at this moment in time.
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