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AWMDB Gets A Lifeline

Following the chance that I might stop working on AWMDB I've decided not to throw the towel in...yet

The situation still hasn't changed much from when I posted The End of AWMDB? on the blog back in September announcing that I may decide to stop working and possibly close down the site.

However, I've decided that after over 3 years building, developing and working on the site on my own that I need to give it a little extra time to see if it can move beyond the widely-unknown site that has next to zero user-community via the forum etc.

I've started to put things in place to try to do this - an improved front page, tweaking areas of the site design and coding to make it less buggy and a bit easier on the eye and yesterday I just launched the brand new forum software ( that is far more stable, less buggy and should hopefully see a community develop at AWMDB via the message board.

I will re-assess the situation in six months time but hopefully by that time the situation will be much better and AWMDB will continue to improve, expand and develop into an important source of information.

Thank you to those that posted messages or sent emails in support - it was much appreciated - as is always the case if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments or anything else about any part of AWMDB do not hesitate to send through a message via the contact form, forum or comments section below.

Posted: 26th Dec 2009, 10:16am, Viewed 4650 Times


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