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A change in forum software

After a couple of years on my crappy self-made forum that was intended to integrate with the site and give me more control over the design and features I've decided to change the software to one of the many commercial pieces of software so that it will work fully and be easier for people to get to grips with...

The forum software I developed for the site worked well enough, did it's job and allowed me to keep a universal login across all areas of the site but let's not lie, it was buggy as hell so while I spent a few days re-programming and re-designing it offline I realised that, despite looking and working better, it still had many cross-browser problems and I really didn't have time to spend more days on it when I could use that time to update areas of the site.

Given that along with the fact most internet users are familiar with the more popular forum software I've thrown out the old software and brought a fresh new copy of the most popular forum software available which should, hopefully, make for a far more stable, bug-free and usable message board for users.

If you had previously signed up to the forum you will need to register a new account due to the change and while the posts in the old forum software have been backed up they will not appear on the new forum immediately but will be added to an area in the near future.

Over the next week or two I will be playing about with the software tweaking the look etc to better match AWMDB and hopefully the new forum software will tempt more people into contributing as without the visitors and your contribution to the site AWMDB is nothing.

Also a Happy Christmas and new year to everyone!

Posted: 24th Dec 2009, 12:11pm, Viewed 5808 Times


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