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A change to the vids and pics gallery links

I've made a change to the site that has seen the removal of the old page by page list of gallery links but the end result will be far more relevant gallery links throughout the site....

The old gallery links used to have page after page of random gallery links, there was the option to sort by genre but it wasn't really serving any real purpose and wasn't really relevant to what AWMDB is. As a result I've taken that page down in order to focus on getting in performer-specific gallery links.

You have likely noticed the 'video and picture galleries' tab within a performer pages, you have also likely noticed there are a lot of performers who have very few, or even zero, links within this section. This will no longer be the case because the change that has taken place means I can focus on getting a lot more gallery links onto the site which will mean a lot more gallery links in this section for performers on the site.

It's going to take me a while to get it all into the database because there is a huge amount out there that need to be added but as I continue to add them in the course of the next few weeks/months you will notice it fill out more.

As you may have noticed on some sites there can be 10+ galleries linked that are from the same scene, this looks good in terms of the amount of links but tends to mean you have to filter through a lot of duplicates before you find different content for the girl. Unlike those link lists, I will do my best to make sure there are very few duplicate galleries where possible.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions get in touch.

Posted: 10th Dec 2009, 09:47am, Viewed 3761 Times


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