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Katja Kassin Announces Retirement From Industry

After almost 7 years and over 500 DVD releases and a good amount of web-only scenes Katja Kassin has called time on her career in the industry.

Speaking on Adult DVD Talk, Katja stated how she had "decided 2 weeks ago to retire from the adult industry and from sex/adult work in general." Stating that her reason is that she has done all that there is to do.

She continued, "I am very grateful for everything that I have gained by being in this industry. It has taught me a lot about myself, made me a lot of money, got me a lot of free time, made it possible for me to achieve what I wanted to do in almost a blink of an eye...I have met amazing friends and had many good times...I am realizing I have grown up and moved into a different direction."

Katja has been an excellent performer in the industry since she started in 2003. She has performed in just about every genre, racking up a huge library of excellent scenes and starting her own hugely popular official site Club Katja.

I wish Katja all the best for her future and thank her for providing the porn world with many great performances.

For the full statement from Katja click here to read the topic she started on the ADT forum.
Click here to read the interview I did with Katja back in March 2008.

Posted: 22nd Nov 2009, 19:44pm, Viewed 6164 Times


Posted: 27th Nov 2009, 07:34amGuest says...
An excellent performer who will definately be missed but what a great legacy of scenes this beautiful women has left us with! Good luck Katja!
Posted: 9th Dec 2009, 23:26pmGuest says...
Posted: 10th Dec 2009, 16:20pmGuest says...
she will be missed big time. Sad to see her go maybe she'll make a come back
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