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New Feature For More Complete Webographies

You may have noticed a change in some of the webographies on the site with a new area called "Currently Unindexed Appearances", so what's this all about...

Well this is a new thing I've introduced to try to make webographies more complete allowing me to list websites that performers appear on even if the website or scenes have not yet been added to the database.

AWMDB is the most detailed place on the internet to get pornstar webography information. Each scene has the specific details of what is performed within it whether it's a straight/lesbian/gangbang/orgy scene, whether there's anal/interracial/double penetration/creampie/footjob etc etc.

This is great but the time taken to get the huge amount of detail into the database means that sometimes a website or scene may take a long time to get into a performer's webography.

This new feature means there will be a much more complete webography but there will be a selection of credits at the bottom of a webography page where there is only a website name without the detailed scene breakdowns until they are actually added into the database as part of the indexed credits at the top of the webography page.

You can see the huge difference this can make to a performer's webography in the image below.

unindexed links
unindexed links

You can see in this case that it doubles the amount of websites that Nina Hartley is credited on. In some cases it'll be much less and in some (particularly the Eastern European girls as seen in the second image) much more.

This is still in the very early stages so there will be many without the unindexed links while I get around to finding and adding them for the 1000s of performers currently in the database but hopefully you as visitors will like this new addition as it provides a more complete list of credits.

As always feel free to leave comments or send an email with your feedback and suggestions on this feature.

Posted: 12th Nov 2009, 08:14am, Viewed 3864 Times


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