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New 'AutoSearch' Feature Added

I've just added a new feature to the site that will bring up a list of suggested pornstars based on what you write in the search box, making it easier to get directly to the stars you want...

To use it, all you have to do is start a search like you would normally, for instance if you want to find Brittany O'Neil, as soon as you start typing her name it will bring up a list of recommendations as you can see in the image below...

new feature

If you spot the star listed there simply scroll down with the arrow keys and hit enter or move your mouse over it and click it, this will take you directly to that star's webography instead of needing to search for them, look through the result and then click through to their webography.

If you can't find the person listed simply continue typing what you're looking for and hit enter or click the 'stars' or 'sites' button as you usually would because although AWMDB has over 3,650 pornstars in the database I've only initially put in 569 of the most popular stars with visitors, so the girl you're looking for might not pop up in the recommendations in which case ignore the names below the search box and just go through the normal search procedure.

I would love to hear back any feedback on what you think of this added feature. Is it good/bad/annoying/frustrating? Does it make it easier to get to what you want quicker? Would you like to see website names included in the suggestions for quick access to the website breakdown pages? Have you noticed any problems?

Known Issue
There is a known (but rare) issue where it will not always recommend the best names. For example if you type in 'Lexi' it should recommend such stars as Lexi Belle and Lexi Love. However on rare occaisions it will suggest Alexis Silver, Alexis Texas and Christine Alexis first.

I am working to correct this as soon as possible.

Posted: 13th Oct 2009, 22:18pm, Viewed 4292 Times


Posted: 17th Oct 2009, 20:53pmGuest says...
Great feature. This site continues to improve and impress me!
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