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AWMDBmobile Beta Launched

I've created a 'lo-fi' version of the site for iPhones and iPod Touch's. Click inside this article to find out a bit more info and let me know what you'd like to see from the mobile version...

The mobile version of the site is in the very early stages and currently only available to iPhone and iPod Touch users - all other devices will currently load the full site.

The mobile version allows you to search for stars and list stars by their first name and when clicking on a star you will get a list of websites (with links) that stars appear on - bio info, galleries, scene pairings, scene breakdowns etc are currently not included along with the other features of the main site.

Links from Google etc will automatically direct to the mobile site if you are using either the iPhone or iTouch. For links to a performer's webography it will automatically direct to their mobile version, for all other links it will direct to the mobile homepage.

I'd like to hear your early thoughts on the mobile site, how you would like to see the design change and what features you would like to see included on the mobile version so once you've had a look please come back to this post or use the contact link above to let me know!

Posted: 29th Sep 2009, 07:03am, Viewed 3702 Times


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