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Update on AWMDB's Future

After the blog post stating the possibility that I may take AWMDB offline in January I have received some very positive feedback from visitors which is hugely appreciated and, although the possibility still remains that I will shut it down in January, I have a little update on the situation.

Since that post I have recieved several messages via the blog comments and a couple of emails saying how they think the site should stay open and with positive comments. I've also had a couple of people who have offered to chip in with their own contribution.

I still haven't made a definite decision but, following the positive feedback, I am now leaning more toward keeping it open and over the next couple of months I'll be working on a couple of things including improving the way users can contribute to adding to the site.

It has also been brought to my attention that some people didn't even realise that AWMDB had some of the features it does, in particular the scene breakdown. To get a full breakdown of each scene in a pornstar's database click the 'Details ' link next to the info on the amount scenes (as seen in the pic below).

scene breakdown

This will take you to a page which gives you a breakdown of scenes with the details of who is in the scene, what happens within it and if necessary episode names and alternate credit names for performers.

scene breakdown

Posted: 22nd Sep 2009, 04:49am, Viewed 4307 Times


Posted: 25th Sep 2009, 13:00pmGuest says...
I'm glad you are re-considering. I'll pray that you do NOT take this Site down. Like I said, I'm a One-Man Operation myself and know how much time and work this Site takes you to do and you have Hundreds or Thousands More Models to keep track of, than I do. Just the 640 plus Models and with the 3 New Models that are added every week is a full-time Job for me to do. So, I know where you are coming from.
Posted: 27th Dec 2009, 14:01pmGuest says...
That's nice to hear... Again, keep up posted and let us know how we can help. I'll be happy to bring my contribution. Best,
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