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The End of AWMDB?

Lately it has got to the point where I'm getting very little satisfaction out of running AWMDB. I am the one and only person that keeps the site going, updates it, designs and develops it etc and my motivation is fading fast which could lead to me calling time on the project at the end of the year...

I first launched AWMDB in late 2006, it was massively limited appearing on a sub-domain of a free host with just lists of sites for a couple of hundred stars. On Janury 10th 2007, I purchased and registered the domain and some hosting and launched the site officially while designing a fresh look and as time went by added new features and a couple of new designs to come to what we have today.

There really is nothing like AWMDB out there on the web with the level of depth that my site offers in information on web-based scenes. The closest is PornstarWebography which had purely text lists but hasn't been updated in a couple of years, then there's the excellent EuroBabeIndex but there is again just a list of websites for (mainly) Eastern European girls and there's Search Extreme which has models from other areas of the world (US, Western Europe) but is out of date with no recent girls such as Tanner Mayes, Kara Novak and many others. IAFD and Freeones offers links to web galleries but no actual information on web scenes.

AWMDB is very different, I keep it as up to date as possible (as much as 1 person can) with almost 3,500 girls (new and old), over 435 websites and over 30,500 scenes with intricate details of what is in the scene with more being added every week.

This is what adds to my disappointment at seeing AWMDB performing as badly as it does and why I feel the hard work I've put in over the past 3 years has not seen the site grow as much as I'd like. Despite my attempts to build a site which will encourage user input with forums, the ability to comment on websites and blog posts etc there is no community at all. I've offered incentives to get involved such as a month's free access to an adult site for people getting involved. Some people have tried to get forum threads going only to give up when nobody else gets involved.

It's all very disheartening when you've put in so much work and time only to see the site going nowhere and visitors not looking to get involved or help the site grow, especially when there's nothing like it on the web, instead the only emails I get are usually ones criticising various things but unwilling to help me with suggestions to improve it such as a recent one where I was told the site was (and I quote) "a load of shit and waste of time" because I didn't have a full and up to date listing for a certain pornstar. After emailing back explaining that I am the only person that works on the site and therefore can't keep every star fully up to date with 100s of new scenes per week with additional girls and sites to add - I got a reply back saying (and I quote again) "do I give a f***, your site is shit". That really makes you feel like the work you put in is worth it (!)

I've tried to get additional relevant content by contacting pornstars themselves to set up interviews and blog posts but without going into it to much I'd get more joy pulling my finger nails with pliers.

To cut this overly long and boring story short, AWMDB may close down for good on it's third 'birthday' on January 10th, 2010 and that will likely lead to the removal of the website and all the data due to the costs involved. For the amount of work I put in every week there's is minimal reward, any money the site makes just about covers the hosting and bandwidth bills (and uses a hell of a lot of bandwidth due to the size of the database and the work it has to do with the many pornstar,site and scene details among other things such as galleries, the blog etc).

The site just isn't fun to work on anymore and that has a major impact on the motivation to keep it going and work on it. It's also getting very little visitors when compared to how much work I put in and how much I had hoped it would. A big problem is the lack of an AWMDB 'community' and in terms of US-based visitors less than sites such as! It's all getting very tiresome and frustrating and feels like despite my best efforts and hard work I'm banging my head against a brick wall.

I hope this changes over the next few months and I re-find the desire and motivation to put in the many hours it takes to keep this site running, updated etc - at the moment the future of AWMDB is not bright - it feels like 3 wasted years and I'm not in a position currently where I feel another year let alone 3 will be worth my time.

If you read this far without getting bored and quitting thank you for sitting through my whining :)


Posted: 12th Sep 2009, 05:08am, Viewed 5276 Times


Posted: 13th Sep 2009, 12:54pmGuest says...
It can be a bit annoying when you can't find the girl or site your looking for but reading that its only one person i see why, i too thought it was run by a bunch of people. I hope you keep it going as its still a useful website and maybe get some others to help you keep it more up to date
Posted: 15th Sep 2009, 17:54pmGuest says...
Hey, Your site is the best pornstar resource in the web, keep ip up!
Posted: 16th Sep 2009, 22:37pmGuest says...
Thats too bad, I just discovered this site today after years of relying on peachyforums/ freeones. When I'm looking for a pornstar I usually type the girls name and scence into google and for some reason this site hasn't shown up in the first couple of pages or I havn't noticed it. If you could find a way to make it one of the first to come up I'm sure you would get a ton more users. But so far I like what I see on your site.

Posted: 17th Sep 2009, 22:50pmGuest says...
Is there a way you could make it into a user-editable somehow, where trusted individuals can update the pages?
Posted: 18th Sep 2009, 14:30pmGuest says...
User editing may be the best way to insure constant updating. If you're afraid of misinformation, you'd be surprised how these sort of things almost police themselves. For every one error, there'd probably be four or five people correcting it within a day.
Posted: 18th Sep 2009, 21:54pmGuest says...
I agree your site is a valuable resource. I for one can send you all scene lists for every site including names and type for the following, brazzers, bang bros, naughty america, pink visual, dogfart, hush hush and reality kings, I can put in txt or csv format let me know send me an email at [removed to prevent user receiving spam]

User editing would allow people to help you out.. that was a good idea from above...
Posted: 22nd Sep 2009, 04:09amdeadip says...
I would HATE to see you close your Site. I am friends with the WebMaster of and I can help you out as far as Nubiles Models are concerned. Your WebSite is a valuable Source of Info for me, because I can come here and find Nubiles Models here even though you do NOT have listed for that Model I may be looking up.

If you ever visit, I'm the guy that is doing the Nubiles Models on Other Sites Page there. I'm only one man doing this too, so I know where you are coming from and can understand how you feel. To bad an Asshole of a Person has to ruin it for others. You know, the HELL with that person just ignore that ignorant Asshole. He doesn't know his asshole from a hole in the ground.

My E-Mail Addy is [removed to prevent user receiving spam]
I already share my Nubiles Model Info with EuroBabeIndex,, and ModelIndeXXX. I know the WebMaster @ wants to have a Model Index Site that rivals those I mentioned and Contribute to. Maybe you should contact the WebMaster of and see what he and his Staff can do to help you. Tell him deadip sent you and I'm sure he will do what he can to help you out. Maybe you two can work out something where you and he benefits, which would be great for the rest of us that use your Site as a Valuable Source of Model Info.

I think you are doing one hell of a good job for a one-man operation, you just need help from all of us that use your Site. I'm NOT so sure about the User Editing Idea, but whatever keeps your Site up for many years to come, I'm all for it as long as Model Info remains accurate.
Posted: 27th Dec 2009, 13:57pmGuest says...
I really backup most of the positive comments here. First your site is brillant. Far the best one in terms of design. As already suggested in other comments, making it VIP user editable would not only make your life easier but would definitely make it more detailled and up-to-date. Managing content of such a site simply cannot be done by one guy. By opening it to external contributors, my guess is that it would very much help the communauty feeling and trigger the involvement you're looking for.

As one comment mentions it, it might be that the main issue at this stage is the pretty bad google positionning of your site. As a matter of fact, I've been googling a lot to find model's akas for months without ever finding out about your site. So that's definitely the first thing that might need to be done.

Considering the quantity of information / comments that can be found in forums such as peachyforums/ freeones, I'm pretty sure thoses forum members would naturally be inclined to contribute to your site.

Whatever, closing your site would be a terrible thing to do, because you've done an impressive work so far and there isn't probably that much to do from today to make it up what it should.

Keep it up - you really deserve to succeed, and let us know how we can help.

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