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Another New Feature Added

I've added another new feature to the site that was requested by people who filled out the AWMDB Survey click inside to read more...

The new feature links galleries to specific scenes so when you click a scene break down for a star, if there's the relevant gallery in the database you'll see one of the following buttons...

Video gallery for this scene or Picture gallery for this scene

Click the button and it'll send you to the gallery that shows sample videos/pictures for that scene. In the context of the page it will look like this...

new feature

You should note that this feature has only just been implemented and it will therefore take some time for me to get through the thousands of galleries in the database and link them up to the individual scenes but I hope you like the feature and hopefully it will be appreciated by those that asked for it.

Please send any feedback on the feature via the contact form or forum, especially if you notice a problem as it will allow me to fix it.

Posted: 4th Aug 2009, 19:08pm, Viewed 3743 Times


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